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Your recovery and spinal correction don’t just end when chiropractic treatments stop. At Fisher Chiropractic Inc., we encourage additional rehabilitation and training utilizing Core Strengthening and Therapeutic Exercises, also known as Pilates-Based Exercise Rehabilitation. Our Physical Therapy Team has many rehabilitative techniques available to help restore your Core balance and trunk stabilization, which in turn gives you the best chance of maintaining your chiropractic correction. Through our use of Balance & Coordination training , as well as Safe Resistance training, you will re-educate and strengthen your core and trunk to its optimal recovery state. This process is not unlike the “retainer” stage after your braces are removed from your teeth, and is not a step in rehabilitation that we recommend skipping if you wish to have longer lasting results.

We have recently adopted some of the most cutting-edge physical training techniques such as the “Confusion Workout” where each treatment is altered just enough that your body is always being pushed towards “Functional Improvement”. By incorporating the use of Pilates equipment and Pilates-based exercises, we can expand our variety of exercises and the range of areas of complaint that we can work on. By varying techniques and their intensity from visit to visit we can help develop strength, endurance, balance, coordination, ranges of motion and flexibility further than previously achieved by older techniques. An individual plan will be created for you by our therapists to match your specific needs. Our one on one plans typically take a long time as “Functional Improvement” must be achieved slowly and steadily in order to maintain the progress you have gained.