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We are truly a family practice

Here at Fisher Chiropractic Inc, in addition to providing long lasting “Corrective Chiropractic Care”, our staff also strives to create long lasting relationships with our patients. A number of our patients have been coming into our office for over 20+ years and now bring in their children and grandchildren for us to treat. We have become like a second family to our patients; many of them have invited us to their weddings and we’ve invited them to ours! “When I am here, I feel like I am at home: my second home,” says Irvine chiropractor Dr. Jeff Fisher. Our office has grown solely based on word of mouth referrals to friends and family of existing patients with little to no outside advertising over the past 27 years. Believe it or not, it has worked and we are busy and still growing!

Located across from “The District” in Irvine

Our location is so convenient for our patients and offers freeway-friendly access. We are equal distance from the 5, 55 and 405 freeways right near the historic Tustin Marine Corps Air Station. Many of our patients live or work within a 10 minute drive from the Corporate Park area. 43 Corporate Park is on the North-East portion of Corporate Park near a handful of restaurants including McDonalds, Arby’s, and El Pollo Loco. Our building faces “The District” which is at the intersection of Jamboree Blvd and Baranca Pkwy.


State of the Art Chiropractic Care

Dr. Fisher was involved in a research study over 20 years ago at the University of California Irvine in the Physical Medicine & Orthopedic Department. From this study, Dr. Fisher entered a program where he was taught the same techniques of treatment and patient management as Orthodontists when bracing teeth. Science has found that our spinal discs have similar characteristics and function to our gums which hold our teeth in alignment. Dr. Fisher’s adjustments to the spine act the same as braces on the teeth in that he only pushes in the direction to restore correct alignment, so that your spine functions the way it was designed to. On many patients, Dr. Fisher will take special “Before”, “During” and “After” x-rays to monitor your corrections over time ensuring the best results. After you have reached your maximum level of improvement by way of adjustments, our patients begin “Core Strengthening” programs. In keeping with the “Orthodontist” analogy, pilates-based rehabilitative training acts the same as a “retainer” which people wear once the braces are removed from their teeth.

We have incorporated the latest technological advances in the chiropractic health arena right here under one roof. We have High Frequency Direct Digital X-rays (just like at your dentist’s office) which allows us the safest, fastest and clearest x-rays available to any doctor’s office within seconds. Unlike many Irvine Chiropractic offices that guess on how your spinal bones are positioned, we use Digital X-rays to show us the proper direction to correct the alignment of your spine. We don’t guess about your health as I’m sure you wouldn’t want us to!

As an experienced Irvine CA chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Fisher of Fisher Chiropractic has the latest in Spinal Decompression devices, including his own invention “Fisher Traction”, which was recently approved by the FDA. Additionally, we offer pilates-based training, which is at the forefront of Core Rehabilitation and Trunk Stabilization and by comparison, our deep tissue therapists offer some of the deepest tissue work that you will find anywhere in Orange County.

We want you to be a part of the Fisher Chiropractic family

We want each new patient to feel like they are a part of the Fisher Chiropractic family. We are as much of a part of this community as it is us and know that by taking care of our patients, they’ll be taking care of us by coming back to see us. We love our patients, and I can honestly say that I feel the love back for my staff and myself.

Our team members are dedicated to their work and to our patients. We truly care about each person we treat and rely on their support as much as they rely on us to provide them treatment. Needless to say, we’re all connected and we understand that.

Most of our team members are parents and we understand how important your health is to you and your family. We also understand the value of time in a busy family’s life. We have structured our office schedule to match those of working families. Our staff is so dedicated to helping others, they are willing to work on Saturdays and Sundays. The same nurturing care that we have for our own families, you will feel here as a patient at Fisher Chiropractic.

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“I love my office team here at Fisher Chiropractic! I am willing to put my staff and my office up against any other chiropractic facility in Orange County for comparison! You will enjoy being a patient here and a part of our family. Come check us out or call Fisher Chiropractic Inc, you won’t be disappointed!” – Jeff A. Fisher, D.C., M.U.A.C.

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