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Relaxation and Wellness


Therapeutic procedures, such as Joint and Muscle Manipulation/Mobilization, are essential to loosening soft tissues. In doing so, the maximum ranges of motion are achieved in every problem area being treated. Our treatments are very intensive, and involve the use of Passive & Active Muscle Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, and Pressure Point Release. Although we may refer to these treatments as “massage” for simplicity’s sake, these treatments are so much more. Patients are required to be active participants working with and against their therapist’s resistance. Many of our patients elude their treatments to a wrestling match and sometimes come out exhausted afterwards. These are no spa/relaxation naps!

We have adopted two special techniques that are used with stroke patients. These techniques help with movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture, and proprioception. One technique allows a deeper force to be applied to a patient’s problem area without as much pain, and the other technique helps restore communication between the nerves and the muscles. Both techniques help our therapists to accomplish more rapid effects on tissues on patients who normally can’t handle deep forceful pressure work on their muscles and joints. Our therapists at Fisher Chiropractic Inc., your Chiropractor in Irvine, are trained to reach your maximum allowable pressure, depth and force with the least amount of discomfort. Over time, they learn the points of your body that require the most attention by working , with you as a partner, towards your full recovery.