What is FISHER Traction?

Dr. Jeff Fisher had been a chiropractor for 27 years and now is the inventor and founder of Fisher Traction, which is powered by Negative G-Force Technology™. Fisher Traction enables people with neck and/or lower back pain to benefit from Spinal Decompression virtually anywhere at any time.

Fisher Traction is a patented, revolutionary device that can lead to long term relief in your neck or low back. For the neck unit, all you do is rest your head in the Fisher Traction’s cushioned straps, adjust for comfort, and let the weight of your head and shoulders gently start the pain-relieving decompression action.

For the low back unit, get into a comfortable position on the floor with Fisher Traction around your waist pulling in the opposite direction. The weight of your body will relieve the pain instantly.

That’s it. Long term relief from neck and lower back pain is as easy as lying down.

Finally, Dr. Fisher can offer his patients a way to overcome the problem of having enough time and money required to get consistent treatments.

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